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Belgium from 45? France from 80?

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14 days to change your mind, no questions asked!

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Because pleasing you makes us happy!

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From 30% to 70% cheaper than Amazon! This is our main goal, to make you happy!

2 years warranty

This is the European law and we respect it. Refund or exchange immediately.


We deliver to your home, it's not a very fast service but we do our best!

Everything is NEW!

The Marconi Outlet is not a flea market, the items are unpacked for you to see.

Physical stock

We don't sell items we don't own. It's all there, right now!


Nothing to hide, we are here to help you and answer your questions with a smile

some details about the project

Marconi Outlets

It's more than a business, it's social, friendly and good-natured. At the Marconi Outlet there are no rich, poor, beautiful, ugly customers... Everyone is welcome, everyone is greeted with a hello, a smile, a please and a thank you, whether there was a purchase or not. We have a straightforward way of speaking, an easy joke and above all a sense of commerce and the need to make all our customers get the best deal.

This project started by chance, as we met people, an opportunity arose and we seized it.

Millions of parcels in delivery never reach their destination and are destined for destruction, which is costly and polluting.

We intervene when these goods have been stored for only a few weeks, we do not buy bankruptcies, end of series, old stocks...

We buy these goods blind, that is to say that we are presented with a semi-trailer, we do not know what is inside, and we buy it.

It's Christmas every day, we spend our time unpacking, sorting, pricing, encoding...

Mr Marconi's only motto: 30 to 70% cheaper than Amazon, no exceptions.

Why this requirement?

First of all because we can afford it but also because it is important for our customers to be able to offer something to themselves or to give a small gift to a child, a friend, a family member, a colleague, whatever...but without breaking the bank

So the store is not always in order, there is sometimes a little frigolite on the floor..well yes, that's how it is.

For deliveries, it sometimes takes time, again we are a very small company and can not do everything at once, but we do the best and fastest, it is a job that is learned on the job.

Our motivation is to give you purchasing power, to make you make the good deal, to see you leave with a smile

Lots of items from 0.5 to 2?

Not listed on the site

In a spirit of speed and efficiency, and to avoid unnecessary costs, we have decided to present the items at ultra low prices only in the store, basic school supplies, small kitchen or household items, small will find them in bulk at the store. However, we publish pictures on the Facebook page "Marconi Outlet" to show you what it's all about, and these items will also be offered during Auntie Carole's Sunday lives



Action camera

32Gb memory card

This small pink action camera will allow young photographers or budding filmmakers to make their first masterpieces with ease

The "Make an Offer" button

We have ideas and we implement them every time!


Because our ultimate goal is to give you the best deals!


Even when it's cheaper than anywhere else, some items may not meet your expectations in terms of price, or simply that you are a merchant at heart, that the game of negotiation titillates you.


Just to make you happy, we have created this feature that allows you to submit the price of your choice for any item on the site.


Attention, we are not at the Sunday flea market either, but try your luck anyway, in the worst case you will receive a counter offer, we respond to all proposals!

Please share our website, it's because of you that we run the store, a huge thank you in advance


Meet the Marconi Outlet Team

Mr Marconi

The administrator, always happy to see our customers leave with a smile

Favourite phrase: isn't it a bit expensive?

Mr. Lionello

The mascot, it accompanies you on all the web part of the marconi outlet

Ms. Carole

The always smiling collaborator!

It's her who smoothes out the edges and makes the whole mess presentable

Favourite phrase: It's okay to go!





Marconi Outlet

Location of the store

The Marconi Outlet is located at 332a Chaussée d'Alsemberg in 1420 Braine l'Alleud (Belgium). Several parking spaces are available for our customers.

01/ The good idea

We revalue new items from all over Europe,

02/ It's unique

Our items are 100% new and guaranteed, no dropshipping

03/ In the bull's eye

We have created a community of already 15000 people following our activities day after day